Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bootstrap Validator - Submit button remain disabled even when form is valid

If you work with Boostrap Validator (, you may experience an issue when your entire form is valid, however, the submit button remains disabled. Furthermore, if you check the form feedback div via console, e.g.

console.log("danger: " + $('#submit-form').find('.has-danger').length);
console.log("error: " + $('#submit-form').find('.has-error').length);
console.log("success: " + $('#submit-form').find('.has-success').length);

all danger, error and success class could not be found.

The reason: You have disabled but required fields in your form.

To workaround it, you could set


in your field and only enable validation as required, e.g{
//enable the field
document.getElementById("name").disabled = false;
//enable data validation
$("#name").attr('data-validate', true);
// Tell validator there's a change - update and validate
// print data validation attribute
console.log( $("#name").attr('data-validate') );

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