Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MS Office Communicator 2005 - Reinstall issue with error "This installation was interrupted"

This problem occurs when you uninstall MS Office Communicator 2005 (MOC 2005) and tries to reinstall it. It will generate an error message "This installation was interrupted. No changes were made to your computer system. Please try running the installation again."

This is because security hotfix KB974571 prevents the reinstallation of MOC 2005. 

Follow these step to reinstall MOC 2005

1. Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Program

2. Tick show updates to display security updates

3. Look for KB974571 and remove it

4. Restart your PC

5. After restart, you should be able to install MOC 2005.

6. As a security measure, you should reinstall KB974571 (download here) after successful installation of MOC 2005

This was taken after reading a long post and feel that summarizing the solution will help others.

Reference: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/configmgrswdist/thread/b9c50c6b-cd87-42dd-bcf2-17cc508ba2f1

Monday, February 11, 2013

Whatsapps - Remove message history on phone

It is just a simple post but may be useful for some people. Some people may thinks that performing a factory reset will erase all data from the phone. It is technically a correct understanding, however, whatsapp data does not reside at the phone. They are located at the whatsapp server. Thus, after a factory reset and you reinstall whatsapp with the same mobile number, you message history will be reloaded into the phone.

So, to completely remove whatsapp message history from the phone. You have to delete the whatsapp account. Step as follow for Android

1. Open whatsapp and go to Setting page

2. Go to Account

3. Go to Delete my account

4. Follow the on-screen wizard to delete the account

Performing the above will complete remove your whatsapp account, message, etc...

For other mobile devices OS, please refer to the following


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