Saturday, October 13, 2012

Truelook Mobile Application

TrueLook, a leading provider of interactive webcam systems, announces a new mobile application that enables clients to interact with their webcams directly from any smartphone or tablet.

Traditionally, video related mobile application preferred to be developed in native language. However, this app is done fully by HTML5 and javascript via Titanium SDK 2.0.1.GA2 version. 

The benefit of choosing HTML5 with javascript is mainly to increase productivity and support both Android and Apple platform and devices with single code base.

Doing it this way is not without any challenges. That include aligning of video canvas, page transition, dynamic calendar, data communication via JSON, etc... Not mentioning the different in interpretation of HTML5 and javascript between Android and Apple and device screen sizes. So, we stick to one single concept when developing this application - SIMPLICITY. Maintaining this application simple make it work and look great in both platform.

Truelook Mobile Application provide the following features
  • Live and archive video playback
  • PTZ control over live camera
  • Timelapse
  • Dynamic calendar
  • Photoalbum and sending live card
  • Social posting


Download Android version on Google Play
Download Apple version on Apple App Store

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