Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tomcat - Configuration Parameters of Installed Tomcat Windows Service

After working with Tomcat for so many years, I had been either manually updating or reinstalling the Windows service to get my Java parameters updated with Tomcat.

Up till now, I finally realized that there is a tomcatXw.exe in the Tomcat bin directory that allow your to update Tomcat parameters. X refer to the version of Tomcat you had installed (eg, Tomcat 6 has tomcat6w.exe)

You can do the following with respect to Tomcat 6

1. Locate your Tomcat installation folder and go into the respective bin folder. Inside the bin folder, you should see tomcat6w.exe

2. Double click on tomcat6w.exe to open the properties interface

3. Stop the tomcat server if it is running at the General tab

4. Update the parameters that you want to changes. For example, go to Java tab to change Java parameters

5. Click Apply and restart Tomcat service.

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