Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lotus Notes - Utility to Manually Run Mail Rule

Lotus Notes does not come with a Widget that allow you to run mail rules manually. In order to do so, you will need to install the following Widget which is nicely done by Bob Balfe

1. Download the Utility here

2. It is a zip file. So, after downloading it, unzip it to a folder. This post assume that you will unzip to it default folder MailUtilities-

3. Now, download the extension.xml here

4. After downloading extension.xml, copy your extension.xml to MailUtilities-\site\mail-rules-site for good practice.

5. Open your Lotus Notes, open up the Widget pane on your right

6. Drag extension.xml at MailUtilities-\site\mail-rules-site to your Widget pane.

7. A warning will be prompted. Select "Install this plugin" and click Ok

8. After installing, Lotus Notes will prompt you to restart your client. Alternatively, you can restart your client manually.

9. After restart, you will see Run Mail utility at your menu bar.



  1. amazing widget... can you make it work on Notes 9 as well ?

  2. agree with the post above. would be great if it can work on notes 9


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