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AGPS - Assisted GPS

Ok.. I always mistaken that A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) is based on triangulation of mobile GSM cell tower. Now then I realized that I am wrong.

AGPS is not so fanciful at all. 
Usually, network operator deploy a assisted server that download orbital  information of GPS satellites periodically. Then, AGPS makes use of mobile phone data connection to connect to assisted server to obtain pre-downloaded GPS information.

Mac OS - Installing "unidentified developer" application

If you download app outside of App store and wants to install them, you may see the following message

This is because you have a security setting that prevent these unauthorised application to be installed.

So, to install these application, go to System Preference -> Security & Privacy -> General Tab

Then, click on the lock icon to allow modification.

Then, change the following setting to Anywhere.

Save the setting and you will now able to installed any application.

Mac OS - Clean Install Mountain Lion

This is my first time installing a Mac OS and creating this entry to note down the steps on creating a bootable USB/DVD for a clean install. My friends always advice me to perform a clean install rather than an upgrade. So, I am taking their advice and perform a clean install on my newly purchase Mac machine.

Getting a copy of Mountain Lion

Up-To-Date Program

1. If you just purchase a Mac machine after June 11, you can join Apple Up-To-Date program to get a free copy of Mountain Lion. Follow and fill up the information to get a redemption code.

2. Apple will send you a redemption code via email.

3. After you receive a email, go to App Store -> Quick Links -> Redeem

4. Enter your Redemption code and App Store will start downloading your copy of Mountain Lion under Purchases tab.

Purchase a copy of Mountain Lion

1. You can also purchase a new copy of Mountain Lion from App Store. It is now located at the Feature tab.

2. It cost USD$19.99. After …