Monday, May 21, 2012

Appcelerator - Rotating iPhone Simulator Does Not Change App Orientation

iPhone simulator allow you to rotate the hardware by going to iPhone Simulator menu Hardware -> Rotate Left or Rotate Right

But, you may experience hardware device rotated but not the app when you are using appcelerator.

At first look, it seems like the simulator fault. However, please check your tiapp.xml and make sure the following are in.

<orientations device="iphone">            <orientation>Ti.UI.PORTRAITorientation>            <orientation>Ti.UI.UPSIDE_PORTRAITorientation>            <orientation>Ti.UI.LANDSCAPE_LEFTorientation>            <orientation>Ti.UI.LANDSCAPE_RIGHTorientation>orientations>


  1. Have a quick question about this.

    I have this in my tiappx.sml file -


    because I want all of my app to be portrait only.
    I've just been asked to include you tube videos - and they play fine, however when you rotate the simulator - they don't switch to landscape, they play sideways (expected because of this setting)

    is there a way to tell a singe screen that its ok to go landscape?

  2. I think you can try a few qay

    1. At each Activity tag, define android:screenOrientation="landscape"

    2. At each of the window, specify Titanium.UI.Window.orientationModes


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