Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perl - Debugging

Finally, I have to debug a perl script. These are some of the helpful command. I am assuming the perl debugger version 1.27

  • 1. Debugging - Adding -d will trigger a debug mode on your perl script

perl -d myscript.pl

  •  Stepping - Type s in debug console will let you step through your code line by line

  • Break Point - Type b (line number) in debug console will let you set a break point

b 100

  • Print variable - Type p (variable) in debug console will display your variable value

p $varname

  • Continue - Type c in debug console will bring you to the next break point

  • Delete a Break Point - Type B (line number) in debug console to remove a break point

B 100

  • List all break point/action - Type L in debug console to list all breakpoint and action

  • Watch - Type w (variable) in debug console to set a watch to the variable. Changes will appear on the debug console if your watch variable is altered

w $varname

  • Delete a Watch - Type W (variable) in debug console to delete a watch point
W $varname
  • Help - Type h in debug console to get help list

  • Reload - Type R in debug console to reload the program in debug mode

  • Quit - Type q in debug console to quit debugging

See the attached image for example

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