Wednesday, December 28, 2011

JQueryMobile SplitView Plugin - Force Reload on Different Panel

In paging, jQueryMobile will load your page into the DOM after your first load. So, if you try to access the same page with different parameters (ie, different web storage value), it will not reload even if you show the page again.

This is a common scenario for a common page that display different information when tapping at different list view items. It is especially true when Android 3.0 and above does not support html query string for passing value.

In general, you can use $.mobile.changePage with reloadPage: true option to force a reload.

But for its split view plugin, it requires more steps to force reload a different panel.

You can try the following code to force reload a page at different panel from your menu. My assumptions is you had already install jQueryMobile with its SplitView plugin. Also, you display panel is called main


  1. Thanks a lot for this great tip!!!!

  2. Hello;
    I have the same problem when I use the "bach" on the right side of the Url is good in the address bar is correct but it does not run and all the shares are canceled
    thank you for helping me


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