Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Android - MediaRecorder SetAudioSource Failed

If you encounter this issue, please check your Android manifest User Permission. Record_Audio permission must be given in order for setting audio source.


  1. is a question about RTSP live streaming. Can you help with an answer?

  2. Well.. the latest answer given there seems best for the given situation.

    Basically, you need to find out the following

    1. It is really lost of frame? You can get this information based on network tools such as Wireshark to see if the incoming sequence number for video and audio are correct.

    2. If the client receive all frames, then what do you mean by lost of few frames? Visually or data lost? Visually, it could mean that it is just IDR frame has not arrived. If data lost in system, you may have group the rtp packets into an H.264 frame wrongly.

    3. How about the player you mentioned? It is developed by you? Regardless, you should check if the player buffering video frame before playback. Player such as quicktime buffer at least 3 seconds of video before playback.

    If you really feel that network is the issue, you can try RTSP over HTTP or TCP solution.

  3. After adding the permission also we are facing the same error still

  4. Andorid permission in the android manifest

    But still facing the err = "setAudioSource failed."


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