MS Virtual PC - Recover Missing Console

For some reason, if you MS Virtual PC console is missing after you double click the icon, and, all you can see is the tray icon for Virtual PC, this entry may help you.

It is highly possible that you have previously used a dual monitor and you have drag your Virtual PC console to the external monitor. Whenever Virtual PC shuts down, it will save its last state, inclusive the X,Y coordinate of the console. The following will fix it

For XP, goes to C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC

For Vista or Win7, goes to C:\User\\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\Virtual PC

Look for a Options.xml. In the xml, look for the following

As you can see, left_position and top_position is at a ridiculous coordinates. Reset these 2 values to 0. Also, set visible to true. These setting will make your Virtual PC console reappears at the top left corner of your primary screen


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