Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In general, RTMP server accept 2 types of URL connection.

1. Flash player

Open source player such as flowplayer and JW Player use this format

I am referring to flowplayer in this example, but in general, they have the equivalent variables.

Most server requires you to define at least an application name.

For URL, they commonly support format tag flv, m4v, mp4. So, for flv, it will be

In Wowza VOD example, the RTMP setting for flowplayer will be

2. Single RTMP URL

There are application that requires only single RTMP URL. For example, VLC and rmptdump.exe

The single RTMP URL is

For using rtmpdump to connect to Wowza VOD, the RTMP URL is

Please note that most single RTMP URL treat and information after application instance as path to the file. For example

These 2 URL is the same. They are referring that sample.mp4 is at the path folder1/folder2/ of the vod/app1.

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