Friday, October 29, 2010

RTMP Part 5 - NetConnection Command

This part will go deeper detail to NetConnection command.

NetConnection manages communcations between server and client. It also provide asynchronous RPC. It supports the following command

1. connect

It is used to request connection from client to server.

The command has the following structure

Within command object, name-value pair can be inserted as information

Audio codec properties

Video codec properties

Video function properties

Object encoding properties

Command structure from server to client

Below is the command flow for connect command
2. call

It is used to run RPC at the receiver

The structure from sender to receiver is as follow

The response structure

3. createStream

It is used to create channel for message communication. Channels include video, audio and metadata.

NetConnection is the default communication channel with stream ID 0. Protocol and a few command message, including createStream, use the default communication channel.

The command structure from client to server

The command structure from server to client

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