Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red5 - Tomcat Installation

Red5 is an open source project that implement RTMP in Java. Currently, it only support flv, aac and mp3 streaming. It is under LGPL license and the developer is still updating as in 2010.

To install Red5, please do the following (Assuming you are installing 0.9 RC 1 on Tomcat 5.5)

1. check out the Red5 0.9 RC1 source code with SVN or any repository client at

2. You will need ant version 1.7 and above for compile and build

3. After checking out the source, go to the check out directory and perform an ant build. type ant webwar at command prompt to create a war file

4. After a successful ant build, the installation war file will be output at dist folder. By Default, it is called ROOT.war. For this, I renamed it as red5.war

5. Additional note: during ant build, it will download the Red5 dependencies libraries into lib folder. With that, you can open the source structure with Eclipse IDE as an Java project. The source is fully compilable except their test package. To compile their test packages, you need to manually download org.springframework.test-3.0.4.RELEASE.jar( and GroboUtils-5-core.jar (

6. Drop the red5.war file into Tomcat web application container and start Tomcat

7. If the server start successfully, it will expand red5.war into a red5 folder. When this is done, you need to stop the server for further configuration

8. Go to red5\WEB-INF\web.xml, change webAppRootKey as follow

9. Restart Tomcat and you should be able to access Red5-Tomcat page by http://ip:port/red5 and you should see the main page


  1. How to deploy applications in this from now on?


  2. Check out

    That helps you to deploy an application call ofla. The procedures are the same.


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