Monday, September 14, 2009

J2ME - Setting up Eclipse For JavaME

I am not going to give a tutorial on how to setup Eclipse MTJ for JavaME. I am going to give all the links in sequence for you to set up Eclipse with MTJ.

Side note: JavaME 3.0 comes with an IDE, it is an nice IDE except debugging. It require NetBean graphic debugger attach to it in order to perfrom debugging. Thus, Eclipse is better in debugging point of view.

Setting up Eclipse for JavaME

1. Download JavaME latest version at

2. Install JavaME with the download executable. Note: Remember the installation location. It is require to set up Eclipse

3. Download Eclipse MTJ at

4. Unzip the downloaded MTJ. It contains an eclipse folder. Copy the contents inside MTJ's eclipse folder to your eclipse installation folder. I did not use software upgrade feature in Eclipse because it failed on me

5. Download Proguard at It helps to bfuscate your application build.

6. Unzip the download proguard to any location. Remember this location as it is required for Eclipse set up

8. If you follow the Eclipse help link to set up Eclipse for JavaME, you are now ready to use Eclipse to do JavaME programming.

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