Thursday, August 20, 2009

Digital Signature For Outlook

Recently, I am playing with Digital Signature set up for Outlook 2003. To set that up, you need to create a Digital Certificate. I found a free Personal Email Certificate provide Thawte ( Thawte Server CA is a Trusted Root Certification Authorities in IE.

To Set up Outlook Digital Signature, follow these steps

Setting Up A Thawte Account:
1. Go to the website:
2. Click on the red “join” button
3. Read the Terms and Conditions and then click “next”
4. Fill out the requested information on this page
Leave the character set as default
5. Click “Next”
6. Fill in your USA National Identification Number
Select the Type of number you entered
Enter your email address. This should be NOT the
7. Click “Next”
8. Use the defaults for Language and Charset
9. Click “Next”
10. Enter a password twice
11. Click “Next”
12. Enter a Contact Number
13. Choose 5 Questions and answer them
14. Click “Next”
15. Confirm your Information
16. Click “Next”
17. Wait for the Confirmation Email
18. Click on the website link in the confirmation email
19. Enter the Probe and Ping Information from the Email
20. Click “Next”
21. Your Account should now be active
22. Click “Next”

Request A Personal E-mail Certificate:
1. Enter your account information. (This will be your email and password for
accessing your account at Thawte.)
2. Click on “Request a Certificate” on the left menu
3. Click on “Request” under the title bar X.509 Format Certificates
4. Select “Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express”
5. Click “Request”
6. Don’t modify the Employment Information
7. Click “Next”
8. Select your address
9. Click “Next”
10. Click “Next”
11. Click “Accept”
12. Don’t modify the CSP. It should say “Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic
Provider v1.0”
13. Click “Next”
14. Click “Yes” to allow the site to create a key
15. Click “OK to create the new key
16. Click “Finish” and your certificate will be generated.

Install Your Personal E-mail Certificate in Outlook 2003:
1. Go to this URL: This
will list your generated certificates
2. Click on “MSIE” on the first certificate.
3. Click on “Fetch”
4. Click on “Install Your Cert”
5. Click on “Yes” to allow the cert to be installed
6. Click “Yes” again
7. Your Certificate is now installed.
8. Click OK

Using Your E-mail Certificate In Outlook 2003:
1. In Outlook 2003 go to Tools | Options | Security
2. Check “Add Digital Signature to Outgoing Messages” (Note: Use this
option if you want all messages to be digitally signed. Otherwise leave it
unchecked, and press the “Digitally Sign Message” icon only in those
individual messages you wish to sign.)
3. Check “Send Clear Text Signed messages when sending signed
4. Click the “Settings” button next to the Default Settings Dropdown
5. Click “New”
6. Enter a Name
7. Click “Choose” across from Signing Certificate
8. Select your Cert
9. Click “OK”
10. Click “OK”
11. Make sure the Setting you just made is in the Default Settings Box
12. Click “OK”


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  2. Cool links.. Just an update, thawte no long support free digital signature. Sad...

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