Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SVN - Window Setup

Subversion is a good version controlling system

Setting up Window SVN server is rather easy with the following steps
  1. Download Collabnet SVN server
  2. Download Python 2.5
  3. Download Subversion Python 2.5 binding
  4. Install Python 2.5
  5. Install Python 2.5 binding
  6. Install Callabnet SVN server
  7. While installing Callabnet, follow the wizard. Make sure you install viewVC when you are asked to install Apache2.2 server.
  8. Restart the machine (very important, if not, will not be able to load by Apache server)
  9. After the restart, restart Apache server by net start apache2.2
  10. Go to any browser and type http://ip:port/. If you see a web response, you have successfully installed SVN

For a svn window client, I highly recommand Tortise SVN. It has a simple and nice window interface for checking out content from given respository

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