Eclipse + JS at GWT public folder = Slow

As recommanded by GWT-EX Wiki, you have to put js/ext folder into module's public folder. So, during GWT compile, it will automatically copy these js files as a package to the output folder.

This really give automation. But when you have many modules under a single project, this will pose a problem.

  1. Eclipse will be slow when it does auto-build on workspace, this is the major issue
  2. You will have to include js folder at each public folder.

My observation is you do not need these js files for compilation. GWT compiler helps to copy these files to output folder.

Using at gwt.xml won't work as it is only applicable to child folders.

So, the best solution so far use Ant task

  1. Create an ant task to perform GWT compile
  2. On compile success, use ant to copy js folder into the output folder

This way will kind of save Eclipse from busy copying js to its build folder.


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