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Oracle - Enabling Oracle XE APEX

I had been trying to figure where and why can't I log into my Oracle 11g XE APEX. The following are the steps to fix my APEX

1. Find out which port is binded for APEX. For this, you can use lsnrctl command to find it out

$ lsnrctl status | grep HTTP

The above shows that my APEX is binded to port 12345. So, the URL will be http://hostname:12345apex/apex_admin

2. Next, when I access the url from the browser, it requires me to provide a username password in a authentication dialog, and this dialog always display with either "the server says xdb" or "the server says APEX"

For me, this is telling me that my Oracle has not been set up for remote access. To fix this, I log into Oracle database instance from the command line and issue a procedure call as follow

$sqlplus / as sysdba
Connected to:
Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - 64bit Pro…