Sunday, July 5, 2015

Chrome Brower Goes Out Off Screen

If you Chrome goes "Off Screen", that is, out of the monitor screen and you have no way to drag it back by a mouse, you can try the following (From Sunny Balanga)
  1. Press Alt + Space: This opens the the “Window Menu.”
  2. Choose “move” either by clicking on the option if you can see the menu, or by hitting the “M” key.
  3. Hit one of the “arrow” keys, the one with a direction opposite to where your browser window has gone (mine went to the right, so I hit the “left arrow” key) enough times until you can see the enough of the browser to be able to drage it.
  4. Drag the browser to the desired position.
  5. Close the browser (this is important in order to ensure that this new position of the browser is saved and will be the position of the browser the next time you open it. Skipping this step means that the last saved position is “off screen”. Should the brower close improperly, it will re-open in the last saved position, that is “off screen” and this procedure will need to be repeated.)
  6. Re-open you browser and proceed normally.
The above is copied from and it works for me.

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