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Bluetooth - Setting up A2DP profile on Windows 7 (MacBook Pro with Bootcamp)

This may not be a new thing, but, this topic had gotten my attention for the past 3 days.

Why? Because, I had just bought a wireless bluetooth speaker and it does not work with Windows 7. Initially, I was totally baffled and asking myself... "Why does it work for my Android phone while it failed with Windows 7"

To be accurate, Windows 7 does pair with the bluetooth speaker but failed with multiple error messages: “Device driver software was not successfully installed. Bluetooth Peripheral Device. No driver found.”

After some research, I conclude that Windows 7 does not necessary come with A2DP profile which most of the mobile bluetooth speaker used. And now, the solution is in the general direction of updating the existing bluetooth driver.

Updating existing bluetooth driver would work if the bluetooth manufacturer of your machine provide an update. But for my setup, running Windows 7 within a MacBook Pro with Bootcamp, does not work that way.

I had tried the following and …