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Lotus Notes - Error: "Time Is Too Far in the Future"

If you encouter this error message - Error: "Time Is Too Far in the Future" - when you run nfixup, ncompact, nupdall, etc... Or, you suddenly realized that your Inbox is not displaying recent email, you are most like hit by "Future Date Issue"

To verify whether you had been hit by "Future Date Issue", you can do the following

1. Go to your Inbox then click Alt+Enter. This will open up a document properties dialog
2. Switch to database properties
3. Click on "I" tab and check on the Activity date. If the modified date is in the future, it means that you had been hit by "Future Data Issue"

When this happen, new document will be hidden in your Inbox because they have a delivery date that is in the future. However, you could still see your incoming email from All Document folder.

To fix this, you will have to create a new replica with the following step

1. In your Mail view, go to File -> Replication -> New Replica...
2. It will pro…